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Trainings Programs 2018-2019

Unique Way to get Rapid Results!


Administrative councils

Business and Product Strategies, Integration of New Services, Companies, Restructuring/Downsizing, Lean Organizations, Objectives and KPI’s

Leadership/Management – Leadership in Practice

  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Control
  • Conflicts
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Interviews 1:1
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Sensitive Situations

Teams – Autonomous and Co-Responsible

  • Agile Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Value Contribution
  • Profit Speaking

Individuals – Stress, Self-Assurance, Employability

  • Appreciation
  • Feedback
  • Work Life Balance
  • Development Path
  • Nonviolent Communication

Sales and After Sales

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales Appointments
  • Call Centers
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Negotiation – Win – Win
  • Getting to a Yes

Unique Way to Get Rapid Results

Vision and Strategies: The alignment of senior management with company values ensures a coherent end-to-end process.

Diagnostic and Restitution: Depending on our mission and objectives, the horizontal and/or vertical diagnostic allows to engage with all relevant people within the organization to address key topics:

  • Work conditions
  • Work organization
  • Communication – coordination – concertation
  • Time management
  • Integrated training
  • Strategic implementation.

Success Projects over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months: Complementary teams will take responsibility over the more important projects, which include design and implementation. This includes simplifying structures and processes in order to achieve visibility, as well as clarity and clear focus on priority projects. This multidimensional approach, which is both on site and online, provides considerable flexibility.

Workshops and Trainings:

From these projects arise different needs for training and development: Self-training (articles, books, web), Exchanges of best practices, Job rotation, Project management, Conferences, Public trainings, Development in tandems (coaching, tutoring), Webinars, etc.

Agile Meetings and Communication Strategies: We introduce vertical and horizontal communication strategies. Utilization of cutting edge technologies grant immediate transaction of information and guarantee fast responses to clients. Projects visualized assure consistent progress.

Past Program participants have experienced the following:
  • Established a leadership of trust with team dynamics conducive to performance.
  • Forged a corporate culture with liable people and an entrepreneurial morale.
  • Bonded teams and heightened relationships in and between services.
  • Converted to a reference company in the market: fulfilled employees who permit the best of themselves to provide customers full satisfaction and generating interesting margins (preferred employer).
Typical Benefits for Participants:
  • A pragmatic, “Training-action” program to increase self-assurance and self-esteem.
  • Development of hard/soft skills to enhance capacities and competencies.
  • Reinforcement of employability within and outside the company (professional cursus).
  • Anticipation and integration of check-lists and templates, helping people execute their responsibilities.
  • Serenity and well-being – blooming at work.
What’s in it For the Company?
  • External image- the finest specialists in the region want to work with you.
  • Internal enhancement of all skills convenient and the memorable practice exchanges.
  • Integration and mastering of new concepts and tools, skillsets and mindsets.
  • Full customer satisfaction (NPS – Net Promoter Score) and implication of customers in the process.
  • An ambitious and modernized company that remains agile for future development.

This program places the Leaders, Managers and Employees at the center of concerns: how to obtain the best contribution of all the teams for a frequent result?