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Thomas Mertz

Thomas had the chance in early years to travel abroad professionally. He started at 16 with a commercial apprenticeship in Schaffhausen. With 19 he was working in London at Piccadilly Circus as a salesman for sports equipment and was teaching the wealthy customers to ski on artificial slopes in London.

His next engagement was as a marketing and salesmen with a Canadian company in the rubber industry in Fribourg, in the French speaking area in Switzerland. Being very social and liking outdoors he took on a voluntary basis the job as the president of the recreation club, organizing some 4-6 events per year (car rally, wine tasting, bowling, Christmas party, football championships etc.) which made the company known as one of the most wanted employers. At evenings and nights, he was a taxi driver to increase his incomes.

At this time, he also graduated in the Swiss Army to become an officer in their infantry troops.

The Canadian company transferred him to their headquarters in Sarnia Toronto Canada. As the right hand of the vice president he spent 1/3 of his time organizing events and meetings all over North America.

Parallel, he made his flying licenses for aircrafts and glider planes and acquired solid experience with some 300 hours, with licenses for day and night flying.

Back in Zürich Switzerland he started a new career in the computer industry with NCR, Wang and Sperry Univac / Unisys, responsible for the western part of Switzerland.

In 1988 and up to now he engaged in the development of individuals, teams and organizations. First in one the best-known training company’s in Europe, where his excellent results inspired him to create his own company.


  • Leadership / Organizations:

    Merck Sharp and Dome Europe, UCB Pharma Switzerland and Austria, AMAG Switzerland, Ruag Switzerland, Cantonal Bank Geneva, Vivendi France, UNOG Geneva, Nexans Switzerland

  • Teambuilding:
    Bosch Germany, Schindler Geneva, EMS Nyon, SABAG Switzerland, Axa / Winterthur Switzerland, la Mobilière / La Suisse Insurance Switzerland, Eli Lilly Switzerland, Carglass Switzerland
  • Marketing and Sales:
    Dell Europe, Carglass Switzerland, Swisscom, Johnson Diversey Germany, Heidelberger Druck Maschinen Germany, Selecta Switzerland, Harley Davidson Switzerland and USA
  • Coaching:
    AMAG Switzerland, EFG Bank Geneva, RUAG Switzerland
  • Fusion of companies:
    UBS and SBS in Zürich, HongKong and Singapour
  • Startups and MBA – Universities:
    EPFL Lausanne, IOMBA Geneva
  • Outplacement:
    Over 10 years Thomas was working part-time with a leading Outplacement Firm in Geneva, introducing new team dynamics
  • Outdoor trainings:
    For close to 10 years Thomas has been collaborating with a well-known Swiss company to deliver teambuilding workshops mostly to Bosch in Germany
  • Recruitment:
    Introduction of a new World-wide recruitment procedure for Stryker
  • Profit speaking:
    In 2005 Thomas created with some friends the only French speaking Toastmaster club in Geneva
  • Conference speaker:
    For several years he participated with conferences at the Project Management Congress with the SMP PMI Institute in Lausanne
  • Talent Development World-wide for Lloyds Bank Geneva

During these years Thomas kept regularly up-to-date with new tools and technics.

  • Certified master Coach with Dr. Skiffington Australia (Behavioral Coaching Institute)
  • Typology: MBTI, TMS, Insights with Bill Bonnstetter and Andrew Lothian
  • Psychology of achievement with Brian Tracy
  • Culture Active Training Partner Agreement – Richard Lewis Communications London
  • PNL – with Robert Dilts
  • TA – Transactional Analysis – AT Center in Geneva

He also was a member, vice-president and consequently president of one of the Lyons Clubs in Geneva.

Thomas enjoys outdoor sports activities: mountain engineering, mountain biking, climbing, ski touring etc.

In 1983 he got married with a French lawyer and they have 3 grown up children and so far 2 grand children.

His logo was since he studied Latin in school: “mens sana in corpore sano” “A healthy spirit in a healthy body”