Thomas Merz
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To Win in Business you First Need to Succeed with People.

An innovative entrepreneur, Thomas Merz is dedicated to impacting mindsets, optimizing skillsets and empowering teamwork, and leadership to help companies grow.
He has conducted over 2,300 workshops and trainings in Europe, USA, India, Singapore and Hong Kong.
He now shares his rich professional experience to train executives globally and teaches them how to build a winning business.

#1 in Switzerland for Moving Organizations and People Forward – Fast!

Here are some of the companies with whom we have worked!

Companies are working with Merz & Partners Int.
Companies are working with Merz & Partners Int.
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The problems we solve.

Are you struggling with the integration of younger generations into your company’s ecosystem?
Are you faced with a demotivated team, having no idea how to get your staff productive again?
Are you falling short of your production or sales targets simply due to an inadequate leadership culture?

Thomas has the art of transmitting to employees a spirit of entrepreneurship; it makes training a real results-oriented management tool. It’s dynamite.

Frédy Currat – CEO Compass Group
Thomas Merz
For large mandates Thomas partners with ISEOR (42 years, 1854 enterprises, 110’000+ participants, 72 branches, 40+ employees) to guarantee sustainable turnaround and profitability.

About Thomas Merz

Strategic and operational leadership

A practical innovation-oriented entrepreneur specializing in positively impacting human mindsets, optimizing skillsets and fostering teamwork to improve business results. Fully trilingual and multicultural, Thomas has been conducting workshops and seminars with some of the world’s leading corporations.

An expert in onsite teambuilding, leadership, self-management, conflict handling and mediation, outplacement, agile structures and procedures as well as sales, post-sales, call centre operations and profit speaking. His wide-ranging interventions show very fast results.

Thomas’ exposure to many cultures started in London, then Fribourg CH, followed by a stint with a Canadian company in Toronto, then with a year off in the USA. and Mexico. Prior to the training and mentoring industry, he was a sales director in the computer industry in Switzerland.

Naturally talented at getting the best out of people while realizing early on that training in itself yields a low ROI, he consequently developed his unique, multidimensional system embedding cutting-edge methods and technologies that provides measurable results in 2-3 months.

We Guarantee Results Within 3 Months.

Our Trainings and Packages


Organization is missing targets, low sales
Employees engagement is disruptingly low
Customer satisfaction is low
Planning and implementing digital transformation


Below par performance from employees possessing an “executant” mindset

Employees who find it challenging to work as teams

Insufficient innovation


Employees performing poorly and lacking self- esteem
Team members failing to manage time and stress
Workaholics: risk for stress and burnout or worse
Thomas’s enthusiasm and positive energy helped me convince the managers of the different services I lead to be proactive and innovative in the way they manage their teams.
Dr. Christophe Zimmerli – Directeur régional – Schindler

How we work with you.

Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed on average a 3x Return On Investment within 6 to 12 months in companies having completed our programs. Our method is why…

Our Method

Our Trainings revolve around key values:
Appreciate Yourself, Value Others, Be a Teamplayer

Innovative Leadership for the XXI Centuries Ebook

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People development has proven to have direct links to bottom line results!

Trainings and Method

We have identified 6 core domains with 3-5 criterias each, resulting in 25-30 most common dysfunctions found in organizations.

Our interventions are based on vertical and horizontal diagnostics and restitution. The corresponding packages and trainings are articulated around these dysfunctions and benefit from a multidimensional approach with both online and onsite delivery.

Vertical and Horizontal Diagnostic and Restitution.

We accept project mandates over 3, 6, 9 and 12 month periods

Thomas Merz

OUR OBJECTIVE: Global business, efficient organizations, people diversity


We were able to work closely and guarantee the results of certain projects thanks to the collaboration with Thomas Merz with a very satisfactory cost-quality-result ratio.
The team today has nothing to do with that of the beginning.

Christian Wahl – CEO of BJ Coffee / BJ Office in Geneva